the mamma
5/11/2008 9:27:00 AM
Here's a conversation I had awhile back.
"Yeah so I read Shizamo now and then, if I'm bored at work, I'll go into the archives."
"Really?...I never really know who's reading, what topics do you like the best?"
"I dunno, sometimes you are going on about stuff I'm not that interested in, but sometimes, like that post about your dad the inventor, I read and enjoyed."
"Yeah he actually is like that."
"How come you never write about your mother?"

Then it struck me. Nah, I must have wrote about my mother...Wait, I'll do a search for mom to see what comes up... I haven't wrote about my mother?

My mother is a kind hearted loving person with an incredible inner strength. She raised 5 kids with such grace. My brother had leukemia when he was 18. I was nine, and fortunate enough to be an exact match to be a bone marrow donor. I remember my mother wishing it would be one of the other children, as they were all older. She was worried for me, when I didn't have the sense to be.

When I wanted a dog, she pestered my father until they found one. They found a little white chihuahua. "Go stay with your grandmother this weekend." Why are they getting rid of me I thought? I came home to the surprise. A little white chihuahua. Mitsy.

It was my mother that looked after the dog while I went to school everyday. Mitsy used to carry mom's shoes into her bed whenever Mom left the house. We never questioned it. When Mitsy got old my mother would just carry her shoes over to her bed. That dog loved my mother.

Just as I do. Happy mother's day mom.
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