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5/27/2008 10:01:00 PM
Who has time to twitter? As an early adopter of blogging. I started when the word "blog" wasn't even common. If you check some of my older posts I often used "web log" to reference it.

Have I given up on the latest tech? Actually twitter isn't even new anymore, and I don't care to hop on that bandwagon.

I'm sitting here watching Leo's Twit Live Netcast. I feel like complaining and I don't know why. Years ago I remember watching Tech TV on my brothers satellite, on the rare weekends I was visiting. It was a treat. That seems like forever ago. Now I can sit here watching him respond like a person with ADD to the various comments in the chat room. Who needs to know that his son shaved his head, or that his daughter went to the prom.

Maybe before he was professionally edited and that made him seem more knowledgeable and well more like a tv star.

Now he seems like an ordinary man in his study with a cam focused on him 24/7 peddlin for donations.

The internet is changing. Buckle up smiler82, there's a whole new slew of acronyms like "Todcast" (barFFFFFF!!!) on the way.

I miss punching hexadecimal codes into the satellite to get my dose of tech.
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