lens distortion
8/12/2002 6:30:00 PM

Sometimes when you think you are making the right choices they end up being the wrong ones. I wonder what it would be like to have infinate wisdom, to see events before they occur so you could end up making the choices that lead you to what you really want to end up with.

It's kind of a funny kick in the pants when you decide ..."Oh, I need to get my license renewed, hmmm... Thank-God now I can get rid of this picture."

I was looking like a female version of "Casper - the friendly ghost" for the past three years. Now I'm afraid I look like the little girl with the fat head. I don't know how those cameras can make you look so bad. I mean it's not like I always take good pictures but come on. There was some definate lens distortion going on there.

I wouldn't be surprised if the ladies at the DMV were applying digital filters to everyones picture...you know just for a hoot. That makes me feel much better then.

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