7/11/2008 10:39:00 AM
I purchased my iPhone this morning at 8:30am. They only reserved my phone, and will call me back later today to activate it.

Rogers here in Charlottetown, were anticipating a massive lineup, but aside from me there were about 6 other people there when the store opened. Diehard fan/early adopter count = 7

Islanders don't do the lineup for hours thing like the kiddies on Yonge Street.

I am known for being an irate Rogers customer. I whine until I get top tier service and perks added to my account. Like 1000 long distance minutes for $5 a month. I'm told my account and service agreement will go back to the basic plans they are offering when I do the switch over today.

I don't see any updates on the Rogers site regarding the 6G data plan for $30 a month. Fido's site has been updated. Leave it to Rogers to not want to actively publicize it, so suckers can pay the $60 and get a measly 400mb of data.

When I spoke to the rep, I said I want the $30/6G plan loud enough for everyone behind me to hear. Hopefully, some others are smart enough to realize Rogers officially announced 2 days ago that they were offering the 6G/$30 plan until the end of August.

I have a feeling I'm gonna get my way today. :)

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