stealth mode
9/9/2008 9:56:00 PM
I have made Google Chrome my default browser. I'm loving the design, and although I can see thru their marketing approach, "we don't look like an evil empire behind these nerds talking about making a better browser for mankind".. I mean really, who wouldn't eat that up?

"Don't be evil." Turn ten and store info on what we are searching what we are visiting and now a browser to facilitate that tracking. Ahhh, but Chrome is clean and smooth, and who doesn't love keep it simple stupid as a design goal.

I've used Firefox as my primary browser for the past couple of years out of a sad choice of other options. I think FF3 was a let down. I refused to even upgrade from 2. I saw no noticeable improvements...in fact, I don't think it was worthy of a full version release. More like 2.6.

Now as I write this on my Mac using FF 2 I am a little sad. Sad that the two empires didn't get together on this and release Google Chrome for Mac, and then for iPhone. The Safari browser on my iPhone needs a flash update in a bad way.
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