Shit all over Apple day
10/15/2008 10:01:00 PM
I'm not totally terrible to my Macbook. It's only 2 years old and already it needs a makeover. It seems that the whole batch of Macbooks released in 2006 were crap. I've already had the screen replaced at the end of year one.

My first Mac laptop, a 5300 black and white screen, (god I remember thinking it was so cool), has been known to catch on fire. I have a feeling, well it has been my experience that desktop Macs are rock solid, but mac laptops suck shitbirds.

Starting about two weeks ago, this laptop started to make a grinding noise constantly. It's either the fan, hoping but I'm sure it's the hard drive. I don't know cause I can't take it apart, as it will void my warranty.

I've been really nice to my battery. For the first two years, I faithfully, and I mean in the anal retentive way, faithfully...faithfully unplugged it as soon as the battery was 100% charged. I'd let it completely die, well until about 2 minutes left on the battery before I'd plug it in and recharge until it was full.

I thought everything was fine.

Until one night, watching a documentary on Google, I left it plugged in all night!! <- these exclaimation marks are a vain attempt to show my agony and frustration with myself. I somehow had the intuition that it would screw up if I didn't.

Since then it's been going downhill. FAST. The battery will only last 9 minutes before it dies. I read about a battery recall on the Apple site. I installed the software battery update and it didn't fix the problem. That whole process was a waste of bandwidth. The next step is returning the battery and getting a replacement.

Today, I received my USB charger for my iPhone by courier. It was recalled because they were breaking off and people were getting electrocuted, so I ordered the replacement.

I'm totally pissed at the battery problem. My last Toshiba was 4 years old and still kept a charge for just under 2 hours.

I'm more miffed that there isn't an Apple store in PEI. I'm not talking about an authorized dealer, but a real Apple store where they wear genius shirts. I don't like getting service from anyone who isn't as nerdy as me. I've taken tonnes of computers apart in my many years as a tech support nerd. I took a mandatory A++ class in college, (begrudgingly at first then I started to like it) and I know the inner workings of a computer. I know this is totally my problem so I'm dealing with it.

I just don't like condescension from any tech support employee who sized me up as another clueless user who just "needs it to work". It seems my laptop is their inconvenience. That's not good customer service. So that is why I haven't turned my laptop on in a week. Also why my time blogging has been infrequent lately.

No, I take it all back, I don't care that there isn't an Apple store here. I care that Apple has made shitty laptops and I fell for the lure of them, hook line and sinker. Here's a tip Apple, good design doesn't stop at the exterior and the software, it includes the hardware too.

For years, I have followed Mac like a Jedi follows Yoda. Then I joined the dark side and used PCs almost exclusively for 5 years. Then I returned, hesitantly at first, then joyfully. Now I'm more critical of good design. I think for a moment of the poor suckers who didn't buy the warranty and feel bad for them. I'm glad I bought the 3 year service warranty, as this will all be covered in time for me to start thinking about my next purchase.

The verdict is still out on what kind it will be.
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