1/7/2009 5:15:00 PM
MapleDude says:
fu*k - the executives here have a new "buzzword" that they're throwing around - Dashboard. Apparently it's a ffffin summary. Can people not just say "Summary"? No - they gotta sound cool and say "Dashboard"
shizamo says:
MapleDude says:
honestly - I fffing HATE buzzwords
shizamo says:
can ya give me a dashboard view of that
i hate words made from two other words
except for etiticikal
MapleDude says:
the president was like "You guys should work on a dashboard for our client for the last fiscal"
I said to the girl sitting beside me "What the fu*k is that??"
fffffin dashboard
and the president always says "Let's look at this from 30,000 feet". I want to say "Listen hunney - I'm part of the ground crew. I'm too busy handling the baggage down here to be up at 30,000 feet!"
shizamo says:
who's going to load the bags on the plane?
MapleDude says:
oh I'm loadin!
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