25 things
2/8/2009 6:10:00 PM
1. I shoot a hockey stick left and a golf club and baseball bat right. I learned to play hockey left handed cause I used to use my brothers hand me down super-blade.

2. I put my mascara on my left eye with my left hand and my right eye with my right hand. I think basketball, drumming and karate has helped me become more ambidextrous.

2. I have 3 older brothers and an older sister but I really grew up with my 3 first cousins, Sandra, Shelley and Donald who were the same age or close in age.

3. I can keep a secret...sometimes. I caught my sister smoking when I was nine and she was sixteen. She told me not to tell our parents and I never did to this day.

4. Being a kid in the 70s was awesome and weird. I fractured my skull at the age of 3 and I think it gave me mutant extra psychic powers. I've often surprised people about things they've done that they haven't told me about, but I called them on or predicted.

5. I know that previous note dates me, but I'm proud of my life experience to date, and think people should get over trying to be in their 20s forever.

6. I had some strange jobs in my lifetime. Ferris wheel - Tilt a whirl - Scrambler operator, tea leaf reader, Chevy's dancer ...and I learned something valuable from each one...like not to unload the ferris wheel in the wrong pattern or it would go backwards, or don't stop paying attention to the riders on the tilt a whirl or you'd have to hose down the puke on the seats. As tea leaf reader - that people need emotional support sometimes and just someone to tell them everything is going to be ok. As Chevy's dancer...hmm...that Ray-bans are still cool.

7. I've solved the Rubiks cube in under 2 minutes when I was 10. It disturbs me now that I can solve it all except the very bottom, (last step).

8. I secretly wish I could have been a professional singer / dancer or a professional dog trainer.

9. I love patterns, and the discovery process. (#7) I wracked Ms. Pac Man because once you knew the pattern for all ten levels, then you could modify them slightly to eat more ghosts so that your score would eventually go to 1 million points, forcing it to go back to zero. <- Which was an absolute high point in my childhood.

10. I cry when I hear the song "He ain't heavy he's my brother." It makes me think of my brother surviving leukemia after giving him my bone marrow at the age of nine.

11. I have the most awesome parents and siblings in the world. And although I call my brother dork, I really love him a lot.

12. I love chihuahuas and well most dogs for that matter. Ren is going on 16 and totally surviving on love alone. Halo is our new addition and I already love her more than the other unmentionable pet we have.

13. I bought my first house, and it still feels like I'm renting, except it's the nicest apartment I've ever lived in. I wonder when I will stop having to pinch myself.

14. I've been in love many times, but I'm happiest in my current relationship with Jeff, cause I think I'm ready now to be a better partner. It's an internal thing.

15. I've been blogging for going on 8 years here. Writing is something I can do for hours and not notice the time.

16. I can't tolerate bullies and controlling people. I don't take shit from anyone, and am often disliked for it.

17. I used to be such a wimp as a kid. Fighting scared me. I was intimidated by bullies in junior high school once and vowed to never feel that way again. I now have second degree black belt in Shotokan karate. And I've never felt more disciplined and secure in my life. I often think I'd like to start teaching children and women to defend themselves.

18. I have been best friends with Derek since grade 1. We have chatted at least once a day online since the 90s. He's the funniest person I know.

19. I used to worry about what people thought of me. I still struggle with this, but I'm learning slowly to not give a shit. The friendships I have now are true, honest and supportive.

20. I get nauseous playing first person shooter games. I don't know why there has to be so many damn buttons on the controllers nowadays. I know that makes me sound old, but come on!! A joystick and shooter button is really all you need.

21. I have the most fun playing games and sports. I should get back into playing badminton and basketball. Exercise isn't something I enjoy for the sake of exercise. But as long as there's a motive like chasing a ball or frisbee around I could do it for hours.

22. I was in a band in high school called "Denial" that covered GNR and Cult songs. I thought it was pretty frickin clever, to say "I'm in Denial". Oddly I played bass guitar instead of drums, cause we didn't have a bass player, but 2 drummers in the band.

23. I get insanely touchy about graphic design...when it's done poorly, esp. by non designers. Which leads me to think most people are color blind and don't understand patterns and order.

24. My house is almost always tidy. I was the same as a child with my room. Anytime I have a big project I will procrastinate for hours, then clean the whole house, then begin. I just can't relax in chaos. Living with my cousin Sandra once was an experiment in disorganization.

25. I secretly love doing laundry now that I have my own washer and dryer. I think Derek's combination of soap and fabric softener and bounce smells the best. I think I'll ask him again what he uses.
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